Insight to 2012 GMC Envoy Review

Published: 04th March 2011
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This post on 2012 GMC Envoy review will help you to know the details of the vehicle better.

Trim Levels, Engine, and Options

The 2012 version of GMC Envoy will be available in three different versions- Denali, SLT, and SLE. Both SLT and SLE will be engineered with a 4.2 liter inline 6 cylinder engine, whereas the Denali trim will have a 5.3 liter V8 engine. All these versions are designed with either 4-wheel drive or rear wheel drive and are loaded with a 4 speed automatic transmission.

The trim SLE will have a cloth interior and 17 inch tires, while the SLT trim will have a driver information center, seating arrangement covered with either leather or cloth, and automatic control of the climate. Coming to the Denali trim, it will have a Bose manufactured music system, adjustable pedals, and 17 inch alloy tires. All three versions will have optional back seat DVD music player, a satellite radio, and navigation based on DVD. The customers will be allowed to choose this vehicle with either Autotrac four wheel drive or rear wheel dive.

Interior Features

2012 GMC Envoy is classified as a medium sized sport utility vehicle. It will measure about 71.9 inches tall and 191.6 inches long with a wheelbase of about 113 inches. All versions of this vehicle will be loaded with 17 inch aluminum tires. In the Denali and Envoy versions, five members can be seated comfortably, whereas seven members can sit in XL trim with an optional third seat. The rear and front seats of Denali and Envoy are similar to that of XL. The seating arrangement in Envoy is very comfortable. Both SLE and SLT will have climate controls knobs. The back passengers seated in the XL will get their own climate controls.

These are the significant aspects of 2012 GMC Envoy review.
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